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Technical FAQ

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STEP 1: Download Winx Adventure
To play Winx Adventure now, you won't need to install Unity Web Player anymore, but rather the game itself!

You can download the game by clicking on "Download Now!" on the top up part of the website, or click on the "Download Now!" of Winx Adventure's 'Games' section-.

Choose a directory to decompress your game, as it will be downloaded as a .zip file, like your desktop or a specific folder.
Obs. You need a .zip reader program. WinRAR is our suggestion, but there are many others out there that will do the trick.

STEP 2: Safety during Installation
Before you can enjoy the game, we want to adress something. If you open Winx Adventure's installation and Windows Defender starts acting up, don't fret! As we are not an official company with a real license and verification, Winx Adventure is labeled as a program that was downloaded from an "unknown source". Due to this, it will ask if you really want to install it, with the usual "Windows Defender Smartscreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk."
We can assure you that the game is clean, and free of viruses. It's 100% safe to install it. If you still have doubts, you can always check our online forums, as they are filled with members just like you that can hopefully verify the safety of the game's remake.

STEP 3: Playing the Game
Once the installation is successful, you can begin to play Winx Adventure! Simply log-in, as a connection to the website is required, and click on the game in the folder you placed it on to start your adventure!

Character Creation
STEP 1: Creating a Character
When you enter the game for the first time, you will have a "Create new character" in the left top part of your game's introduction, inside a square. If you press it, you'll be sent to the game's registration. You'll be able to choose between Faragonda and Griffin, meaning you can be either a fairy or a witch. Choose one of the them and answer their questions to be able to enter on Bloom and Roxy's city, Gardenia!
The questions are easy to answer, such as favorite hobbies, personality, and your fairy or witch name. The name you'll be known to Gardenia's citizens!

Movements and Basic Controls
How can I move my character?
Click on the right button of your mouse on your room's floor or Gardenia's streets to move your character around.

Can I rotate the camera and zoom in to see my character?
Yes, you can. Press the left button of your mouse continuously to rotate the camera and explore the place you are located on.

You can zoom in and zoom out the camera by scrolling with your mouse up and down. If you click on the mouse's scroll wheel, you'll be able to zoom out instantly to the default position of the camera. In case you're using a laptop and don't have a scroll wheel, you can just pintch on the touchpad with your fingers.

How can I read emails?
You are able to receive, send and read emails by clicking on the mail box right next to your personal room's door! You're able to see the status (if you opened or not), the friend that sent the email, the title and date it was sent. You can either keep the messages or simply delete them after you're finished reading them. You can also compose a reply or a brand new mail for them!

When someone sends you an email, your mail box will get a pop up balloon on top of it.

How can I leave my personal room?
You can leave your personal room by clicking on the door. A window with Gardenia's downtown servers will appear. It also has a crowd control meter. The greener the meter, the crowdest the city. You can press whatever server you want to join to get to Gardenia's Downtown.

City Exploration
Is Gardenia faithful to the show?
Gardenia is a total replika of the official show's Gardenia. You'll be able to explore the main downtown part of the city! In this part of the city, you'll be able to find Love and pet's shop, among other known locations in the show!

How can I run?
You can run by pressing R on your keyboard.

How can I go back to my room?
You can go back to your room by pressing H on your keyboard or by asking Bloom. Simply click on Bloom to interact to her. She'll then take you to your room if you press the "Yes! Take me to my room" dialogue option. You are also able to return to your personal room by using the menu on the bottom part of your game. Click on the house button to be teleported back.

How can I open the map and teleport?
You can open your City Map by pressing M on your keyboard or by clicking on the globe button on the bottom part of your game. You'll then be able to teleport by selection the three different icons scattered around the game.

The blue icon will teleport you to Stella and Brandon's location. She owns the Fashion Shop, selling all types of clothing options for you.
The green icon will take you to Musa and Riven's location. She owns the Beauty Shop, selling different eyes, lips and hairstyle options for you.
The pink item will teleport you to Tecna and Timmy's location. Tecna owns the Furniture Shop, selling all types of different furtniture items for your personal room!

Are the other Winx in Gardenia?
Of course! Flora, Helia, Layla, Nabu are in the city, waiting for you to find them! Alongside them there's also Saladin, Griffin and Faragonda, as well as Roxy!

Why is Nabu in-game?
The official game had Nabu as Layla's partner in-game. We decided to keep that, since the website is a recreation "stuck" on season 4 and also a remake that remains unchanged when it comes to the game's atmosphere. For all of us, when Nabu died, him being in-game despite what happened felt comforting. We want all of you to experience the exact same feelings we had, even if from a different perspective as all of you had 10 years to adjust to him being gone, unlike us, at the time.

Are there any secrets?
Yes! There are a couple of houses that can teleport you to other locations! Little easter eggs that will hopefully make your experience better! Good luck finding them!
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