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Re: Crotchet and more

Postby winx » Thu May 20, 2021 5:29 pm


My nanna started making prem clothes after I was born three months prem. You couldn't get the clothes then if you could no one knew where to get the stuff from. For years nanna was making things for the hospical I was born at on her own. When grandad died five years ago she got some of her friends from church to help her do the knitting along with me and mum crocheting started off with the same hospical, then attitudes changes 4 years ago so went to a more local hospical, my cousion was born 2 months prem due to her bowl on the outside of her body 3 years ago so prem things went to that hospical as well. When she was fit to move as they had problems finding the right food her small body could digest she was moved to the children's hospical then things were made for that hospical as well as some of the almost one year olds in her ward had nothing, toys were sent along with larger blankets. During around this time my Antie asked if twiddle muffs could be made for the dementia ward. One lady does them. When we know things have carmed down I will show you some things some of them have done. One lady makes some gourgous baby things and the lady who does the twiddle muffs is really good. We also make things for a homeless charaty what's almost local to us.

Prem blankets

Working progress
Finished one. Don't many of these they take weeks
Oh gosh this one. I get sick of looking at pale and tutral colors so added some of my wool to it and got told off my nanna for wasting my wool. So didn't listen

Children's blankets. Nearly one to two year olds
First one I did was an accident made a prem one too big

Prem hats lost count how many I have made not many are photographed.
This one was an accident and would be sent to the dieing babies
On mum's prem reborn

The knitting club did a fair 2 years ago to create funds so can get all the materials needed I was asked to make children's hats

Homeless charaty

Go onto the first page on mum's section and you can see them unfinished.

Got promotion to make these due to covid couldn't get out to replace the wool. As I made it up as I went along need to work out how I made them so I can make them by order.
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Re: Crotchet and more

Postby winx » Sun May 23, 2021 10:22 am


This my youngest cat Poppy. I stroked her with my vintage curved size 3mm crotchet hook and she started to play with it so I filmed her

This is my crafting buddy. Its an old MacDonalds toy when I was a kid.
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