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Few Rules for RPG profiles

Postby cherie01 » Thu Jan 20, 2022 11:36 am

Since we had few copyrights infringement issues here I would like to refrains few rules to avoid such incident in future.

  1. There is no such thing as copyright free resources, therefore always include information what is it and what's the source.
  2. Naming as source tinypic, google, or tumblr is not enough (unless it sincerely belongs to any given company).
  3. If You don't know who is to be credited, look it up. Trying using image search if necessary.
  4. If You are using official artworks, or frames from animation/movie, You don't have to search for the name of the artist, You can just name the company responsible for creation of it. For Winx Club that would be Rainbow S.r.l, for Sailor Moon that would be Toei Animation, or in case of manga the author Naoko Takeuchi, in case of Captain America it's Marvel/Disney.
  5. If You are using piece from comic, manga, book illustration, You can look up for either author of publication, or author of particular drawing.
  6. Remember to mention the title it comes from, i.e. Winx Club, Attack on Titan, Avatar: the Last Airbender (and better yet also name of character).
  7. If You are using pieces published online on artist community websites, such as Deviantart, Elfwood, or from artist privet sites, always name the artist and link to the original source
    [It would be also polite to ask those people permission, unless they mention that as long as You credit them You don't have to.]
  8. Using photos name photographer or a model and again if possible ask permission first. This also goes for celebrities, (which personally I'd would suggest avoiding anyway).
  9. Do not use personal photos showing face, or otherwise revealing identity, yours, your friends, or family – as it is against rules, random people from social media- as they may not want it.
  10. Adding Blingee modification, or similar is not sufficient photo-manipulation to call work yours.
  11. Using own photo-manipulation You still need to give credit to owners of particular pieces You used. If You have this worked published i.e. in your topic in Enchanted Art Gallery, You can link to this entry for details on credits.
  12. If You found a picture You would like to use, but You don't know who does it belong to, ask in Help section, but don't use it in RP Zone.

If You can't find the author, don't use the picture, because it's actually piracy!

As for the forms, I would like to remind You that You should name your characters after You, or your friends. Also forms may not include questions about:
- sexuality,
- faith [unless it's fantasy one like in D&D, or Elders Scrolls, and it's mainly for priest class characters (but there still need to be option to leave it blank for rest of characters)],  
- political views [unless You are creating RP based on House of Cards, or other political drama (on which you got permission from the staff), with full disclaimer that characters views does not reflect yours],
as they are all against rules.
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