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→ Welcome to Alfea ☼

Postby harpa » Fri Mar 26, 2021 9:52 pm

Hello. zao_zao

Welcome to Magix's fairy school, Alfea.

Alfea is the most prestigious school in the magical dimension! It is here that the fairies learn to make spells, enchanted auras, magic potions, manage their powers to fight evil, and achieve the most important goal: they train to become fairy guardians of their planets or, in some cases, queens of their planets.

In this subforum, you can learn from others and teach them whatever subject you like. Please, keep in mind some simples rules:

→ Don't spam/off topic;
→ Don't post any personal data;
→ Don't post offensive or sexual messages of any kind;
→ Don't discuss religious or political views;
→ Don't post rude messages/swearing/fighting with others
→ Be kind to others, we all learn at different paces.

Have fun! /flowerpower/
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