We can help!

Do you have a problem and need to Contact us? You're in the right place, fairies and specialists! Here you will find several ways to contact the staff to help you with your problem!

You can send a direct email regarding a problem you're experiencing with the website to:, it's the website's personal email, which is meant to reply to your general questions! If you have a more direct question, however, you can send an email to It's the admins' personal email and they will reply any questions regarding personal login problems or problems of a similar kind happening on your account.

Or you can also contact the admin through the forums directly, by using their "HELP" section! All you need to do is click on "Create new topic!" and explain your problem to the staff, while we can't promise, we think this is the fastest method! Click HERE to be redirected to the HELP! section.

We'll promise we'll reply within 48h in at least one of these options!