Is this Website Recreation safe?

Yes, absolutely! We are fans from the original official season 4 Website of, with the aim to recreate everything the official website, at the time, had! We will never share, collect, or use your data without your permission and no one from our team will ever ask for your personal data.

What is an account and how does it work?

An account is a set of email and password that is required to unlock content exclusive to members.

Where do I Sign Up?

You can go to the Sign Up Page by clicking on "Sign Up", located on the top left corner of the website.

What can I do with an account?

Once you have signed up for an account, you will be able to sign in and enjoy the following benefits:

✦ Create an online character and explore / chat with other people in Winx Adventure, a social 3D game!
✦ Play mini-games and earn FREE Winx Coins (WX's)!
✦ Read and post on forums
✦ Watch your favorite Winx Club episodes, listen to music, download wallpapers and take part in amazing and exciting contests available everywhere!

How do I sign up?

You must answer all questions asked on the Sign Up Page, such as a nickname, e-mail, password, gender, etc...

What else do I need to prepare?

✦ Email Address
A valid email that you own to serve as the login email for the website

✦ Password
Must contain at least 4 letters and at most 15 letters
Password can include numbers (0 – 9) or letters from the alphabet (A – Z)
No special characters or spaces are allowed in between.

✦ Nick Name
This will be used as your screen ID when you post messages on the forums
Must contain at least 4 letters and at most 15 letters
Nick name can include numbers (0 – 9 ) or letters from the alphabet (A – Z).
No special characters or spaces are allowed in between.

✦ Birthday (in DD/MM/YYYY format; including the year (YYYY) is your choice and it is not required to do anything on our website).

What is the Nickname for?

This nickname will be used to identify you when you sign-in to, post forum messages, and record your high score in our mini game rankings. We advise that you don't use your real name, as one of our top rules is to preserve your privacy and prevent any data breach incident or exploit of information from happening.

What is that avatar on the green square?

When you register and create an account on, you get a free avatar that you are able to customize as you please. You can choose your own style, from fairy, to witch, to specialist, and wear the clothes that your favorite characters used in the show as well, as well as brand new ones for the 'Web Avatar' alone!

What is the purpose of my Avatar?

Your avatar is your image to everyone else on the website! From the ranking system of the minigames to the social forums where you can meet and talk to new people, your avatar is your faithful companion that you can always change and personalize along the way.

Where can I find the Web Avatar?

To have access to your avatar and change it, you have to click on "Change Avatar" below yours on your profile box, located right on the left of this, and every other, page!

How can I buy clothes for my Web Avatar?

Clothes, accessories, hairstyles, along many others can be acquired once you get enough Winx Coins - WX's. They are a FREE type of currency, obtained by doing lots of activities around the website.

How can I get more WX's?

We use a reward System throughout the website, allowing you to get WX's by performing several exciting activities!

Sign In (Once per day) → 10 WX
Starting Bonus (One time per account) → 50 WX
Viewed an Announcement (Once per day) → 10 WX
Viewed an Article (Once per day) → 10 WX
Viewed an Event (Once per day) → 10 WX
Watched a video in Fun Zone (Once per day) → 10 WX
Listen to Music in Fun Zone (Once per day) → 10 WX
Viewed Wallpapers' Page (Once per day) → 10 WX
Viewed Characters Page (Once per day) → 10 WX
Viewed the Forums (Once per day) → 10 WX
Actively scrolling the forums (5 actions per minute like clicking topics, sending messages...) → 2 WX (every 2 minutes)

Mini Games
Played a Game (Once per day) → 10 WX
Played Web Avatar (Once per day) → 10 WX

I'm from the original official website. How can I collect Rainbow Coins (RC's)?

Hi and Welcome Back! Rainbow Coins - or RC's -, are not available for collection anymore and everything is now acquired through the free currency, WX's.

Are there Redeem Codes to get more WX's?

Yes. You can Redeem your codes by clicking on the "Top Up" button located on the Sign-in area, on the top left corner of the website.

What is a Unity Web Player?

Unity Web Player is a multiplatform development tool used to create the Winx Adventure game and the Web Avatar, alongside the recreation of your amazing Mini-games. The New Winx Adventure version allows you to play without installing it, contrary to its official counterpart.

Why did my Windows Defender act on Winx Adventure's installation?

As we are not an official company with a real license and verification, Winx Adventure is labeled as a program that was downloaded from an "unknown source". Due to this, it will ask if you really want to install it, with the usual "Windows Defender Smartscreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk."
We can assure you that the game is clean, and free of viruses. It's 100% safe to install it.

How can I access to the forums?

You can get to the online forums by clicking the "Community" tab on the menu, located on the website's header. You can also click on Tecna's "Earn Winx Coins" icon on the top part, near the header, to be sent to the forums right away!

How do I create a new topic or post a reply on the forums?

To post a new topic in a forum, you have to click on a subforum and then click on "New Topic". To post a reply to a topic, click "Post Reply" after you've clicked on a topic. You may need to register before you can post a message. A list of your permissions in each forum is available at the bottom of the forum and topic screens. Example: You can post new topics, attachments, etc.

How do I add a signature to my post?

Signatures are prizes you may win by taking part in contests around the forums. Minimods, mods and admins are the only ones capable of adding signatures to your account, after you win a contest.

What is a minimod, mod and admin and how can I become one?

Minimods, moderators and admins are users who take care of the forum and keep the order. They're in charge of keeping the forum clean and safe. They are able to delete topics, add signatures, create polls, official contests and all the important safety measures you need to follow. Administrators are the creators of the website, all of them 18+ years old, they rule over all the forum and are in charge of the whole website and all its forums. Moderators are usually older users, 15+ years old, or previous minimods, chosen to be responsable for their own own forum and a small team of Minimods. Minimods are common users that are chosen to be part of the moderation of the forum. As long as the user shares a good conduct, remains active and follows all the rules, they become a fitting candidate to become a minimod.

How can I go to a different language in the forum?

You can can switch to another language by clicking on the bottom right corner of the forums. It shows all the subforums on your own forum's language as well as all the others. You are able to talk in all of them, by using a translator to communicate. Keep in mind all the forums are different, and so are their rules. You must comply and obey to all of them. Being in a different forum doesn't mean you are free from being banned. If you disobey the rules in another forum, the moderator from said forum is able to ban your account.