Frequent Questions!

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Frequent Questions!

Postby cherie01 » Thu Jul 20, 2023 1:03 am

Hello everyone.

Here you will find every question and answer, as well as ways to earn Winx Coins (the virtual money of the website).
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Re: Frequent Questions!

Postby cherie01 » Thu Jul 20, 2023 1:10 am

What is Winx Adventure?
Winx Adventure is an online social game where you can find and meet new friends, as well as decorate your room and explore the city of Gardenia, where Bloom was born and lived during the first phase of her life, as well as Roxy's hometown.

Is Winx Adventure from the 4th season?
Yes, and it was made on the official website to make a tribute for the fourth season, but its timeline was undefined.

Where are the Winx? Are there Specialists?
Winx and Specialists are usually together, placed on different places of the map, respectively:

Bloom and Sky - Entrance / Exit place of your personal room.

Stella and Brandon - Fashion store.

Tecna and Timmy - Furniture shop.

Flora and Helia - Small park near the fountain.

Musa and Riven - Hair salon.

Layla/Aisha & Nabu - Near the fountain.

Are there any teachers on Winx Adventure?
Yes. Faragonda, Sladin and Griffin. New teachers may be added later.

There will be Garden Of Charmix?
No, but might able to fly at some events. Something similiar to Garden Of Charmix can be created at the game.

How can I move myself?
Click on the right button of your mouse on your room's floor or Gardenia's streets to move your character around.

How can I start running?
Click on the R key (R of "Run").

How can I fly?
In missions and exclusive events you can fly using the F key (F of "Fly).

Is the city the same from the series?
Different from the official version, the city got more realistic but still loyal to the one from the series.

How can I send emotions?
There is a side bar next to the chat. Click on the first smiley face with hands up. There you'll be able to find several emotions ready to be used.

Will emotions have voices like before?
Yes, however, the persons doing the voices for the game will change.

There will be specialists (male avatars)?
We can't reveal at the moment.

There will be witches?
Yes, actually!

Is Roxy going to be in the game?
For me Roxy will always be a part of Winx since the moment she was introduced. I think that if she's in the official game, she should still be in the remake. :)

Can Winx Adventure close?
We gotta pay for the server... so maybe you help might be necessary. We don't want to force you to pay, of course. You can contribute without wasting money. We will talk better about that soon.
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Re: Frequent Questions!

Postby cherie01 » Thu Jul 20, 2023 1:11 am

We use a reward System throughout the website, allowing you to get WX's by performing several exciting activities!

Sign In (Once per day) → 10 WX
Starting Bonus (One time per character) → 50 WX
Viewed News(Once per day) → 3 WX
Viewed Forum(Once per day) → 10 WX
Posted in Forum(Per message) → 1 WX

Mini Games
Played Magic of Believix(Per play) → 10 WX
Played Tecna & the Lost Pets(Per play) → 10 WX
Played Kiko's Adventure(Per play) → 10 WX
Played Flora's Garden(Per play) → 10 WX
Played Gardenia Ice Cream Shop(Per play) → 10 WX
Played Match-A-Winx(Per play) → 10 WX
Played Hallowinx's Magic Cauldron(Per play) → 10 WX
Played Pets Snow Ride(Per play) → 10 WX
Played Winx Club Love Test(Per play)→ 10 WX
Played Spot the Difference (Per play) → 10 WX
Played Escape the Labyrinth (Per play) → 10 WX

Winx Adventure
Daily Log In(Once per day) → 50 WX
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