Launching soon, Winx Adventure! A free-to-play, 3D, season 4 located social adventure game that will introduce fans of all ages to the world of Winx Club during its fourth magical season!

After so many years since the closure of the official game in April 27th, 2012, fairies... and witches, will be invited to the wonderful city of Gardenia, Bloom and Roxy's hometown, to start their magical studies there, by Headmistress Faragonda and Headmistress Griffin! In this immersive and exciting adventure game, players will be able to roam freely around Gardenia's Downtown, meet the Winx, create new and everlasting friendships and embark on one of the best games the show has ever had!

Join Winx Adventure, where you will:

Be a Fairy
If you choose Faragonda, you'll be enrolling yourself to become a fairy! She'll be the one interviewing you and showing you your own personal room!

... or a Witch!
Griffin decided to visit Gardenia as well after the Winx brought magic back to Earth, she's also enrolling students at the start of your adventure. If you choose her, you'll become a witch!

Create your own room
Create and share with someone else your very own stylish personal room! It's a big part of the adventure, and will reflect your style and personality! Take part in contests as well and fight for the "Best Room Ever" title!

Explore Gardenia
The whole of Gardenia's downtown is waiting for you! Explore the city and get to find well known locations, such as the Love&Pet Shop, the Specialists' Hotel, the Mall, and more!

Meet the Winx
Headmistress Faragonda isn't the only one around town! Besides Saladin and Griffin, the Winx and the Specialists are there as well! Meet Bloom, Stella, Sky, Helia, Flora, Roxy, among other well-known and beloved characters!

Make new friends
Just like you, there are players that joined this fantastic adventure! You'll be able to talk, meet and be friends with them! You and your new friends will be able to perform a lot of activities together!

Buy new items
With such a promising adventure... of course there will be new items and new surprises. You'll be able to visit the three shops set by the Winx themselves throughout Gardenia to customize your fairy or witchy look!